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Fraud prevention and detection

To prevent and detect fraud we may at any time:

  1. Share information about you with other organisations and public bodies including the police.
  2. Check and/or file your details with fraud prevention agencies and databases. If you give us false or inaccurate information and we suspect fraud, we will record this. We and other organisations may also search these agencies and databases to help make decisions about the provision and administration of insurance, prevent fraud, and to manage your insurance policies.
  3. Undertake credit searches and additional fraud searches.

We can supply on request further details of databases we access or contribute to. Other uses of your data are fully explained in our terms of business agreement, available to you before you take out insurance with us.

Bicester Brokers Limited t/a Coversure Insurance Services (Bicester) is an appointed representative of Coversure Insurance Services (Leyton) Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Ref: 307715.

Registered Address: 45 Market Square, Bicester, Oxon, United Kingdom, OX26 6AJ.

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